Maine Auto Insurance

Maine auto insurance is the most effective way to protect yourself, your loved ones and your vehicle, whether you're driving across the country or touring Maine's scenic communities along the rocky Atlantic coast. To maximize your protection, auto insurance experts suggest that you go beyond the minimum legal requirements and purchase as much coverage as your budget will allow. Compare quotes from a number of ME agents using this website as your starting point.

Statistically, you may not have a very strong chance of being injured or having your car damaged in an auto accident. Depending on your age, gender and driving record, you may belong to a demographic group that's considered very low-risk. However, carrying a full complement of insurance options gives you peace of mind when you're on the road, especially during the long, icy winter months in Maine.

ME law requires that you carry liability coverage, medical payments coverage and protection against uninsured motorists. If you are legally responsible for an accident in Maine, liability protection provides benefits to the injured party for physical injuries or vehicle damage. Liability policies may also compensate you for your legal costs, in some cases.

ME Umbrella Plans

You may be able to save money on your mandatory liability protection -- and purchase more than the minimum amount that's legally required -- by choosing an umbrella policy. Umbrella plans extend your liability coverage under your auto insurance by including your home-owner's plan in the same contract. An umbrella agreement may also encompass your insurance for operating a boat, motorcycle or recreational vehicle.

In Maine, where many people sail, fish or enjoy other recreational activities on lakes, rivers or the ocean, an umbrella option that covers a watercraft may come in handy. If you are operating a boat that injures another person on the water -- whether it's a passenger on your boat or on another craft -- you could be held responsible for short-term or long-term injuries. With the costs of intensive care, physical or occupational therapy and legal defense increasing, your expenses could easily exceed the legal minimums.

When your Maine vehicle insurance is covered under the same "umbrella" as the plan that secures your boat, motorcycle or home in Maine, you can save money on multiple premiums. The greatest advantage to the umbrella approach is that it allows you to buy more protection on all of these plans at once. Ask a Maine auto insurance agent what it takes to apply for a Maine automobile insurance umbrella option.

Medical Payment Policies in Maine

Medical payment coverage is optional in many states. In Maine, medical payment plans are required by law. [1] These policies compensate you, your passengers or other persons for medical expenses related to an auto collision, whether or not you were at fault. Your plan will also cover your funeral expenses or the funeral costs of others, regardless of whether you were responsible for the accident.

Medical payments include all diagnostic tests, such as X-rays, therapy, in-home nursing or dental care related to the incident, as long as the procedures or services are reasonable. If you or a member of your household is struck by an auto while walking, riding a bicycle or riding in another person's vehicle, medical payment plans provide benefits for related expenses. These agreements extend your Maine auto insurance far beyond the basic requirements for auto insurance in many states.

Rates for Older Drivers

Aging brings better judgment and a lot of experience on the road, but it may also cause changes in your vision, reflexes and your sense of orientation. Statistically, drivers over the age of 65 are involved in more auto accidents, which means that your premiums may increase at that age even if you're an excellent driver. Maine car insurance providers have no bias against mature drivers; they simply have to follow statistical guidelines when it comes to issuing an insurance contract.

The good news is that you can reduce your premiums on Maine auto insurance by taking an auto safety class for adults. National senior advocacy groups and safety councils have developed specialized programs to help older motorists refresh their skills. When you're applying for Maine auto insurance or renewing your contract, ask your agent about discounts for taking these refresher courses.

Some Maine auto insurance companies offer vouchers to customers who elect to take a safety course. You may be able to qualify for a reduced rate on the course fee while lowering your monthly premiums. At the same time, you'll feel more confident in your auto knowing that you're sharper and safer than ever. Talk with your broker or customer service representative about other discounts that are available for drivers who have a good record on the road.

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