Mississippi Auto Insurance

Mississippi auto insurance lets you drive confidently in the Magnolia State, knowing that you're protected by the best coverage you can afford. Like other states, Mississippi has minimum liability requirements. If you are determined to be legally responsible for an accident, you must be able to pay a minimum amount for bodily injury and property damage to the persons in the other vehicle and their car.

For most residents of MS, covering even these minimum requirements would be impossible without Mississippi auto insurance. Knowledgeable agents and providers in Mississippi may advise you to carry the equivalent of your net worth in liability insurance. Compare quotes from multiple agencies in the state to determine which carrier can offer you the most protection at premiums that fit your budget.

You may be able to afford more security if you can pay a higher deductible in case of damage to your auto. When you're willing to assume more of the initial costs of insuring your vehicle, your scheduled payments may be more reasonable. The best way to cover a high deductible is to set aside enough money to provide for an unexpected incident, or draw from a personal emergency fund. Having a higher deductible may be a safe bet for reducing your out-of-pocket expenses if you have a strong driving record.

Proof of Insurance in MS

In Mississippi, you must carry proof in your auto at all times that you're able to assume financial responsibility for an accident if you are at fault. If a police officer stops you for an issue that's unrelated to insurance, he or she can still ask to see verification of your Mississippi car insurance along with your driver's registration. Make sure you have a copy of your card in your vehicle in case you're involved in a collision or are stopped by an officer so that you don't incur a financial penalty.

Technically, if you don't want to carry Mississippi vehicle insurance, you may post a bond equal to the value of the minimum state liability requirements or make a security deposit equaling that amount. However, most of us find it easier and more affordable to buy liability protection and pay monthly premiums to protect other drivers and their cars. Use the form on this website to search for Mississippi automobile insurance protection in your area.

You may also need proof of Mississippi auto insurance if the lender who issued your auto loan requires it. Most lenders require that you obtain collision and comprehensive coverage on your auto as well as the minimum liability insurance. Collision plans protect your auto in case of a single-car incident or roll-over. Comprehensive policies cover damage to your car from weather, fire, floods or other events. After you've paid for your auto, you may save on your premiums by dropping your collision and comprehensive options.

Insuring Young Mississippi Drivers

Like teenagers everywhere, young adults in Mississippi want to take the wheel as soon as they obtain a driver's license. For many parents, covering a son or daughter under their own policy is more affordable than buying your teen his or her own plan. Even the most conscientious teenage drivers have a higher rate of accidents than mature adults, as it takes time to develop the skills and judgment to drive safely.

Your teen may get better rates if he or she is a strong student. Many insurance providers offer discounts for young adults in MS who perform well in school. Ask your Mississippi auto insurance agent whether your teenager qualifies for the good student discount. If your teen is contributing to car payments and premiums, saving on auto insurance may motive him or her to maintain good grades. Your teenage driver might be given a discount if he or she passes a driver's education course.

As your teenager starts to drive independently, make sure he or she knows how important it is to keep up a good driving record. Minor traffic infringements or fender benders may not seem significant until you see how they affect your auto premiums. Go over your Mississippi auto insurance contract with your son or daughter to make sure they know what to do in case of an accident and understand the implications of financial liability and adequate auto coverage.

If you're thinking about purchasing a car for your son or daughter, you could receive discounts for a vehicle with air bags, anti-lock brakes, automatic seatbelts or other safety devices. Once you've bought the car, your family may qualify for a Mississippi auto insurance premium reduction under a multi-car plan. By taking a defensive driving course for adults, you could lower your rates with some carriers. Ask your agent how you can take advantage of special deals with your Mississippi auto coverage.

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