Accident Free Insurance Policies

You're the type of driver that drives within the speed limit, even when you're late for work. You never engage in dangerous driving practices such as tailgating other drivers, swerving unnecessarily or cutting people off. You stop at every red light, slow down at ever yellow light and, even when the light turns green, you look both ways and proceed carefully. You're known for your fast reaction time and always take your time when driving down curvy back roads. Because of your impeccable driving skills, you've been able to avoid accidents for years.

Then, on a rainy day, you're heading down a well-trafficked road when all of the sudden, the car in front of you brakes to make a right turn. You slam on your brakes, too, but it's too late. Your front bumper smacks the back of their car and instantly your perfect record is ruined. Although it was a minor accident, there is now a claim on your insurance and you know your insurance company is going to send your rates through the roof. All of that time driving safely, just to ruin it all in seconds. Fortunately for you, many insurance companies have a special way to reward you for your previously clean record.

Safe Driver Rewards

Often, good drivers have better rates than reckless drivers because they don't have a marred record driving up their premiums, and this applies to both young and mature drivers. However, in addition, many providers are now providing extra incentives to stay safe on the roads. Generally speaking, most insurance companies like to give safe drivers better rates because they're less of a liability - and it makes sense. So just because you're in one accident out of five accident-free years, you won't necessarily be punished.

Depending on your policy and the company it's from, you probably have something called "accident-free protection" available. This is form of protection that basically cuts normally safe drivers a break for an accident. For example, let's say you go 3 or 5 years without an accident - or the required amount under your policy - and then you get into an accident and you are found at fault. This can be terrifying for many drivers who are always very safe. Providers generally jack up your rates after an accident. However, if you have accident free protection, you'll be forgiven.

How it Works

Accident free policies are sort of like a "get out of jail free" card for drivers. Although the accident happened and you were at fault, you are absolved or pardoned due to your previously clean record. In other words, it is kind of like the accident never happened at all. Your rates will not be affected, as long as you continue to play it safe and avoid accidents. However, this usually stops at one free card per safe driving period. So, let's say you're not in an accident for five years and then you're in two accidents within a month - and both times you're at fault. You may be forgiven for the first accident, but your next accident will likely result in higher rates.

If you're not sure whether your policy includes accident free protection, then be sure to ask you're your agent. If your current provider does not offer any sort of accident clemency or accident free policy, then it might be time to begin comparing quotes and consider switching providers. You might not have ever been at fault for an accident, but it's everyone makes mistakes eventually. However, being a safe driver is not always easy, and it's definitely worth a little bit of forgiveness.