New Hampshire Auto Insurance

New Hampshire auto insurance lets you drive safely and legally in the Granite State. When you know that you can cover potential liabilities with adequate insurance, operating your vehicle can be a more pleasant, relaxing experience. Although you are expected to compensate other motorists for bodily injury and property damage up to a minimum amount in NH, many seasoned New Hampshire car insurance brokers recommend that you buy as much protection as you can afford. Your liability coverage may also pay for your legal costs if you are at fault in a collision.

People who live in New Hampshire enjoy looser tax requirements than the residents of many other states. Their auto insurance requirements are also a bit more flexible. According to New Hampshire Motor Vehicle Laws, drivers are not legally required to buy New Hampshire auto insurance. [1] However, residents must be able to prove that they have the financial means to pay a minimum amount for auto damages and injuries if they are at fault in an auto accident. Drivers who can't demonstrate that they're able to meet these requirements may have their auto registration suspended.

If you do buy New Hampshire auto insurance, you must carry uninsured motorists coverage. This form of New Hampshire automobile insurance provides benefits if you or your passengers are injured by a driver who does not carry insurance and is not able to pay for your costs using personal assets. You have the option to increase your security with collision and comprehensive coverage, which reimburse you for auto repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an single- or multi-car accident or a natural event such as a fire, flood or storm.

NH Car Insurance Agent Requirements

When you're shopping for New Hampshire auto coverage, you have several alternatives for finding a policy. Many motorists choose to go to an independent agent, a licensed professional who works with multiple insurance providers to secure the best deal for you. You may also decide to work with an exclusive agent who represents a single company.

Some residents of this New England state prefer to do their own legwork and contact providers directly. However, you may not receive the lowest rates or the most complete protection when you handle your New Hampshire auto insurance needs alone. A trustworthy, client-oriented NH agent puts your needs first, rather than the interests of an insurance provider. Use the internet to compare information from a number of New Hampshire providers before you make your decision.

In New Hampshire, an agent must be licensed by the New Hampshire Insurance Department to sell auto policies. [1] If a person represents himself as an agent without having this qualification, he is selling plans illegally. Make sure the broker you choose is a licensed professional who is authorized to sell New Hampshire auto insurance. Many of the most respected professionals also carry specialized certifications or have experience in underwriting or other areas of the industry.

Comparing Quotes in New Hampshire

As you're evaluating the estimates you receive, make sure that you're comparing rates for equivalent coverage. One company may be willing to provide more options for the same premiums as another company. Small additions like towing, rental car expenses and transportation can add to the cost of your plan. Many drivers find these options make the process of dealing with an accident much easier.

Consider the amount of the deductible included in a quote. When you pay a lower deductible -- the amount of money you must contribute out-of-pocket before your provider pays benefits -- your premiums will be higher. By the same token, if you request a higher deductible, your monthly payments may be lower. Try adjusting the deductible on a quote to see how it affects the amount of your premiums.

To get the most accurate quote, you must provide the correct information about your driving record, financial history and personal statistics to your agent or customer service representative. Inaccurate information may result in a quote that's higher or lower than the rate you ultimately receive. If you enter information on a website, print a copy of the application to take with you when you meet with a professional face-to-face.

Let your broker know about all of your eligible discounts. If you have more than one vehicle in your family, use your auto on a limited basis or have a teenage driver in the household who has completed a driver's safety class, you may qualify for a reduction in your premiums. If you're in the process of purchasing an auto, choosing a more conservative, practical model may result in a lower premium than a sporty car. Talk with a New Hampshire auto insurance expert about the discounts and credits you can receive when you apply for protection in this freedom-loving state.

[1], 01/29/11

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