North Dakota Auto Insurance

North Dakota auto insurance pays benefits to you, your passengers or other drivers if you are injured in an auto accident. ND policies also cover auto repairs for another driver's vehicle if you are at fault in a collision. This state has a comprehensive set of insurance requirements in place to protect its residents from physical harm or serious financial losses.

Whether you live in North Dakota or you're just driving through, you can't help noticing the state's vast expanses of prairie. North Dakota is one of the least populated states in the country, and there's plenty of open space to enjoy. Having North Dakota car insurance makes traveling across the plains or through the cities of ND a more relaxing experience. When you know that you and your auto are protected, you can pay more attention to the pleasures of driving.

When you talk with an agent about applying for North Dakota auto insurance, you'll go over all of your basic demographic information. Your age, gender, occupation and marital status may make a difference in your rates. The age and model of your auto, your driving record and the distance you drive each day also factor into your quote. Answer the questions on your application as accurately as possible to avoid a discrepancy between your initial quote and your final rates.

No-Fault Insurance in ND

North Dakota is a no-fault state, which means that you are legally required to carry basic protection against financial losses incurred in a collision, whether or not you are at fault. [1] These losses may include medical expenses, lost wages or other reasonable costs involved with the aftermath of an accident. No-fault policies are also known as personal injury protection, or PIP plans. PIP plans help reduce the incidence of insurance fraud and provide a wide range of benefits to cover your physical and financial damages.

In addition to PIP, legally mandated North Dakota automobile insurance includes protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists. Unfortunately, many drivers don't obey the laws about carrying insurance, or they don't have the financial resources to purchase adequate coverage. As a motorist in North Dakota, you're required to insure yourself and your auto against these drivers.

If you don't carry North Dakota auto insurance, you could have your driver's license suspended. You could also be charged a fine for operating a vehicle without coverage. However, the most severe penalties could be the financial losses you incur when you don't have benefits to pay for injuries or property damages. Buying North Dakota auto insurance is your best bet for keeping yourself, your family and your assets secure.

Like most other states, North Dakota mandates that you buy liability coverage. Your liability policy compensates other drivers and their passengers for medical and property damages if you are at fault in an accident. To avoid being responsible for more damages than a basic liability plan covers, consider investing in more than the required minimums.

Tips for Saving on Car Insurance

Working with a savvy North Dakota auto insurance agent can save you a lot of money when it comes to securing the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Experienced agents know where to get the latest updates on discounts, credits and other opportunities to cut down on your premiums. When you're shopping for North Dakota vehicle insurance, compare multiple quotes from a number of carriers to get up-to-the-minute deals.

You can often save on your premiums by bundling your home-owner's and auto policies together. This approach allows you to reduce your payments for both plans. If you own more than one type of motorized vehicle -- a motorcycle, RV or boat -- you may qualify for an umbrella plan, which extends your liability protection to all of these vehicles, along with your auto.

You may be eligible for a reduction if you take a driver's safety course, especially if you're in an age group with a statistically higher rate of accidents. Adults over 65 or under 25 may benefit from these opportunities. Any driver who wants to sharpen his or her driving skills should consider taking a course to freshen his or her knowledge of traffic laws. In addition to saving on premiums, you may also save your own life -- or another driver's.

Collision, comprehensive and gap coverage are optional forms of North Dakota auto insurance. Gap policies make up the difference between the actual value of your auto and the amount of your loan if your car is stolen or destroyed. Unless you are required by your lender to carry these options, you aren't legally mandated to purchase these plans. However, many residents of North Dakota believe that having extra insurance against an auto accident, fire, flood, storm or theft makes good sense.

[1] 01/30/11

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