Utah Auto Insurance

Utah auto insurance provides liability protection and no-fault coverage at premiums you can afford when you shop for the most reasonable rates. In the state of Utah, the law requires that you purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance to provide benefits for injured drivers, their passengers and vehicles if you are at fault in an accident. UT also mandates no-fault coverage, or personal injury protection, to pay for your medical expenses, your passengers' expenses and auto repairs after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. [1]

On top of the legally required forms of Utah car insurance, you have the option to buy collision or comprehensive coverage and uninsured or underinsured motorist protection. Many lienholders may require these supplemental forms of insurance to protect the car until you have finished paying off the loan. Once you legally own your auto, you have more flexibility in the amount of Utah auto insurance you decide to buy.

If you have an older vehicle, you may choose not to carry collision or comprehensive options. These policies protect your auto against damage related to a traffic accident or a natural event, such as a flood or fire. With the unpredictable mountain weather in Utah and the surrounding Rocky Mountain states, having extra security may extend the life of your vehicle. Compare the costs of premiums with and without these options to see how affordable additional coverage can be.

Utah Auto Insurance Agent Qualifications

The internet gives you the freedom and convenience to research multiple Utah auto insurance companies from the privacy of your home or office. When you're shopping for quotes on a policy, look for Utah automobile insurance agents who have the right qualifications to help you find the best coverage at the most reasonable rates. Ask the Utah agents you speak with about their experience, education and training.

In addition to using the web, ask your friends and family members in UT about their experiences working with auto insurance agents in your area. An agent who has received specialized training in the insurance industry may have credentials like AAI (Accredited Advisor in Insurance) or CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor). To receive these designations, an agent must complete a certain number of hours of study in the field.

In the auto protection industry, as in any field, some of the best training may come from experience. More seasoned auto protection specialists may have a wider network of contacts and be able to secure the lowest rates, even if you don't have a strong credit rating or a flawless driving record. Experience also gives certain agents a broader perspective on industry trends and laws. Take advantage of an auto expert's knowledge to secure a plan that meets your needs.

Proof of Coverage in Utah

As a Utah motorist, you must carry proof of your auto coverage with you in your vehicle. If a police officer stops you for any reason while you're driving, you must provide a copy of this documentation. If you don't have this information, your auto registration may be suspended. Make sure you carry a copy of your Utah insurance card with you at all times to avoid fines, a suspension of your driving privileges or other penalties.

The safest approach to driving in the Beehive State is to insure your car completely with Utah vehicle insurance. The loss of your vehicle may affect your ability to go to work, provide transportation for your family or access shopping centers or medical services. For many people, the cost of auto repairs after a collision creates a financial emergency.

Most of us don't have enough money in our savings accounts to pay for a rental car and lost wages while we recover from an accident, much less the medical costs associated with a serious injury. Medical bills can quickly consume a retirement fund and other financial assets if you don't carry adequate protection. Talk with a Utah auto insurance agent about securing affordable premiums for the kind of security that gives you true peace of mind.

Driving Safety Tips for UT

Whether you're driving to the ski slopes or simply running errands around town, keep your car's engine and tires in top shape. In snow or rain, you'll need tires with secure treads to drive safely on the state's winding mountain roads. Maintain a full tank of gas in case you run into bad weather and you have to take a detour.

Ask your Utah auto insurance agent about discounts for safety devices on your car, such as anti-lock breaks or air bags. Completing a driving safety course for adults may also help you qualify for lower premiums. Being a careful driver can benefit your bank account as well as your safety.

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